Postural alignment is the optimal postion of the our skeletal system. When our bodies are in postural alignment, our weight is centered and balanced. Back muscles are relaxed, palms are parallel to the sides of the body and thumbs are facing forward. The head is centered over the neck. Shoulders are relaxed and down. Muscles are in a neutral position, able to contract and relax without overworking.

As soon as we reach forward, and our hands rotate medially, our body weight shifts and causes our center of gravity to shift forward. Repetitive daily activities --using phones and computers, driving, using tools, lifting heavy objects, any motion where the hands turns inward and palms face down -- can lead to changes in posture that cause discomfort and restriction of range of motion.

The Postural Alignment Method™ is a massage routine that shifts the body alignment towards to a neutral position, helps the body experience realignment, and provides relief from thenegative effects of these activities.

Gay Jacobsen develped the Postural Alignment Method™, a method of bodywork to offer her clients pain relief associated with poor posture caused by habitual daily activities.

Gay has been a nationally certified professional massage therapist since 1981, backed by intensive and multi-disciplined training.


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