Two magical things happen when
Gay Jacobsen
gets her hands on you . . . .

. . . your stressed out, tightened up muscles turn to butter
the chaos in your mind sucumbs to bliss. . .

Gay at work

As a professional massage therapist since 1981, backed by intensive and multi-disciplined training, Gay knows where every sinew in your body is located and can treat each one with the most appropriate degree of care. Gay is the creator of the Postural Alignment Method™, a unique system of bodywork and exercise for the computer age.Strained and tired muscles will loosen and your nueromuscular system will be restored to a healthier state, one in which oxygen- rich blood can flow more freely.

An eclectic blend of massage styles provides you with
a wealth of individualized choices . . .

Gay has specialized training and treatment styles including Swedish/Esalen Massage, Foot and Hand Reflexology, Shiatsu, Neuro-muscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and massage for pregnant women. Treatment may last from one to three hours.  She is unique in maintaining a high energy level for an extended period of time.

Gay knows what needs the most attention in your body.  She'll find the strains and stresses. She'll rework the muscles – kneading, nurturing and rejuvenating the most troublesome areas.

Some of the ways Gay provides you with the most unique, energizing bodywork you've ever experienced include:

sanddollar A custom body support system that she'll arrange specifically for your body structure and total relaxation, allowing even pregnant women to enjoy a full body massage in any position. sanddollar A specially mounted dispenser which permits application of warm coconut oil during your massage
sanddollar Soft flannel sheets to cover all surfaces and drape you in warmth sanddollar A calming wintergreen and yucca filled sinus relief pack
sanddollar Relaxing music to accompany rhythmic massaging patterns sanddollar An herbal neck wrap filled with yucca, cloves and other aromatic spices

“My three hour massage was a dream come true.
It was so thorough and nurturing that the good feeling lasted for several days.”

                    –Susan Stein,  Manager, Osmosis Enzyme Bath and Massage

A nationally certified member in good standing of The American Massage Therapy Association. A.M.T.A. #1563

$70 first hour
$60 each additional hour

Gay Jacobsen, C.M.T.
Bodega Bay Massage
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Occidental, CA 96465