Deeply Relaxing, Nurturing, Therapeutic Bodywork
Gay Jacobsen, NCMT

Gay massages a client Two magical things happen when Gay gets her hands on you: Your stressed out, tightened up muscles turn to butter and the chaos in your mind succumbs to bliss.

As a professional massage therapist since 1981, backed by intensive and multi-disciplined training, Gay knows where every muscle in your body is located and can treat each one with the most appropriate degree of care. Strained and tired muscles will loosen and your nueromuscular system will be restored to a healthier state, one in which oxygen- rich blood can flow more freely. An eclectic blend of massage styles provides you with a wealth of individualized choices.

Gay has specialized training and treatment styles including Swedish/Esalen Massage, Foot and Hand Reflexology, Shiatsu, Neuro-muscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and massage for pregnant women. Treatment may last from one to three hours.  She is unique in maintaining a high energy level for an extended period of time.

Gay knows what needs the most attention in your body.  She'll find the strains and stresses. She'll rework the muscles – kneading, nurturing and rejuvenating the most troublesome areas.

Gay graduated from California State University, L.A., with a BS in physical education. She has served West Sonoma County as a therapeutic bodyworker, physical educator, Nautilus trainer and aerobics instructor, transitioning into full time therapeutic bodywork in 1981.

Gay is the creator of the Postural Alignment Method™, a unique system of bodywork and exercise for the computer age.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday 9am to 6pm
By appointment only
Phone 707 876-3174

Please leave a message with your phone number and the best time to reach you.
Gay will return your call within 2 hours.

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